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Unveiling our 'Empowering Futures' program - an initiative built on the pillars of community, affordability, and empowerment. This program serves as a guiding light in offering comprehensive supportive services. With a clear goal to uplift families, we aim to revolutionize services for single parents, which in turn enriches our communities. Start your journey with us by filling out our application.

We welcome interest for enrollment in our Empowering Futures online tutoring program specifically crafted for single parent students. To meet the eligibility criteria, prospective students must submit certain documents and comply with the following guidelines:


1. **Parental Status Verification**: Candidates must validate their status as single parents and existing enrollment in an accredited educational trajectory--inclusive of certificate programs up to 2-4yr degree programs. Suitable documentation would be official birth certificates of children with parent listed or official court ordered custody agreements confirming the candidate as the parent.


2. **Accredited Educational Enrollment**: Prospective students should currently attend an accredited certificate or 2-4-year degree program at a recognized institution. Official proof of enrollment needs to be submitted to the Thriving Hearts Foundation.


3. **Financial Need Evidence**: Candidates must provide reliable documents such as income statements, tax returns, or evidence of government assistance to substantiate their claim of financial necessity.


4. **Academic Standing**: A minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher must be maintained by candidates to underscore their dedication towards academic prosperity.


5. **Course Load Requirements**: A minimum course load of 6 credit hours per semester is required for tutoring support eligibility.


6. **Time Commitment**: To leverage the comprehensive benefits of the platform, candidates need to commit to a minimum of 2 tutoring hours per week.


7. **Parenting Responsibilities Disclosure**: A requirement is the disclosure of information pertinent to the candidate's parenting responsibilities, including the number and ages of their children.


8. **Technological Access**: An access to a dependable internet connection alongside a computer/device compatible with the digital tutoring platform is mandatory for candidates.


9. **Engagement Commitment**: Active participation in tutoring sessions with feedback provision for tutors is non-negotiable to ascertain valuable learning experiences.


10. **Terms and Conditions Adherence**: Candidates are expected to review the platform's terms and conditions, concurring to guidelines for respectful communication and the appropriate platform usage.


Please ensure to fulfill these criteria to proceed with a successful application process for the online tutoring program.

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