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My Personal Journey and the Vision for Thriving Hearts Foundation

Hello all, I'm Lamar, a proud single parent to an extraordinary son, and founder of Thriving Hearts Foundation. My journey as a single parent navigating the landscape of higher education amidst poverty reflects the tribulations of many single parents.


I've been the parent who abandoned college dreams because of lack of childcare, who's had classes disrupted by sudden childcare unavailability. I've faced the challenge of balancing daycare costs, transportation, and other living expenses, against a minimum wage and felt trapped in dead-end jobs to feed my family. I've met barriers with governmental assistance programs like CalWORKs and TANF, pushing my family deeper into poverty.


At Thriving Hearts Foundation, we tirelessly work to prevent single parents from facing such grueling decisions. We disagree with the notion that parenthood ties individuals to an unending cycle of poverty.


We're here to dismantle the formidable barriers that inhibit single parents from transcending this cycle. At our core, we're devoted to empowering single parents to obtain a four-year degree and alleviate their families' financial strains. Addressing these barriers lays the blueprint for our innovative solutions.


We advocate for single parents, focusing on higher education accessibility irrespective of financial conditions. Let's dismantle poverty together and foster a thriving community for every family.


Rooted in the belief of empowerment via education and support, our values underscore our commitment to single parents. We aim to demolish barriers, provide essential resources, and facilitate education. Together, we're here to uplift, inspire, and transform lives.


Born from my struggle as a single parent, Thriving Hearts Foundation represents determination to help single parents escape poverty through higher education. We offer comprehensive support for their educational pursuits, steering them towards a brighter future.


Despite initial hurdles, we remain committed to proliferating support programs comprising of affordable and understanding tutoring services, mentorship, and educational resources. As we expand, we envision reaching more single parents, empowering them to realize their dreams.


At Thriving Hearts Foundation, our goal isn't just to change lives but to transform communities. With dedicated effort from donors, volunteers, corporate partners, we're creating an equitable world where every single parent can flourish. Together, let's make dreams limitless and change the world, one family at a time.

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